List of Tamil Movies Released in 2022 on Aha

If you love to watch movies, you must know that many Tamil movies have been released in 2022, such as BhamaKalapam, Maamanithan, Trigger, Writer and many more. Web series like Petaikaali have also been released on OTT sites.

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Tamil Movies/Shows Released in 2022

Some of the Tamil movies/shows released in 2022 are as follows:


This famous Tamil web series streams on Aha’s OTT channel. The writer and director of this web series is Raj Kumar, and the initial episode was released on the 21st of October. Gross root film company has produced this web series.

The main story of this web series revolves around the game Jallikattu, which takes place in Sivagangai, a place in South Tamil Nadu. The first episode is introduced with the lines “The Great Eruption of a Dormant Volcano”, and you get introduced to the story by a person who hides people and runs away. Watch the web series on Ahato learn more about it.


This is one of the latest Tamil movies starring actor AtharvaaMurali, and Sam Anton directs it. You can choose to opt for new Tamil movies 2022 downloadlike this movie on an OTT site of your choice. The cast of the movie includes Tanya Ravichandran, Atharvaa, ArunPandian and many more. This is a cop thriller movie you can enjoy with friends and family.

The story begins with a daring attack on the police commissioner’s office in 1993, and the culprit gets arrested for being put behind bars. Later, you are brought to 2001, when you know about Prabhakaran, who later becomes an undercover cop. He finds a child racket case and looks to solve the problem to avoid other kids getting kidnapped.

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