Are you finding the step by step guide to fix the sagging mattress?

Before going to fix the sagging problem in your mattress, first of all you have to know why your mattress is sagging. In the typical mattress, the support system usually comes from the chain of coiled springs. Such springs provide the best support to your neck and back during sleep. The tension given by those springs will only provide such support. Over years, this tension is probably lost and your mattress is sagging & provides neck & back pain to you. The following are the 5 step processes or guides to fix the sagging mattress.

Most of the time, the house owners can notice the change in their mattress which sags in the middle area. A lot of sleep experts agree that so many people continue sleeping on the bad mattress and they should often fix the sagging mattress to avoid discomfort. This is because when the mattress is sagged, you will experience back pain, neck pain, and some other discomfort when you wake up in the morning. In order to avoid all of them, it is crucial to fix the sagging mattress.

Guide to fix the sagging mattress:

  •   Step 1 – Regularly flip & rotate your mattress

Providing proper care to your mattress is probably better than repair. If you want to prevent uncomfortable sinking and sagging of your mattress, you have to regularly flip & rotate your mattress. Most of the people want to always sleep on their favourite specific side and over time your mattress will be uneven. This uneven space on the mattress will make it sag after some years. It can usually happen in large sized beds. Rotating and flipping your mattress can be very helpful to evenly distribute your weight while you sleep and prevent sagging.

  •   Step 2: consider the mattress topper

The easy and quick way to help manage the saggy feeling mattress without spending money on buying a new one is by obtaining the mattress topper. The mattress topper usually differs in terms of thickness because they are very thin and designed to go on the mattress surface layer to provide the best support to your back and neck.

More other steps to fix the saggy mattress:

  •   Step 3: Add additional support with plywood

Plywood will definitely be the best support to your saggy mattress and you have to place the thin plywood sheet in between the box spring and the mattress. By this way, you can avoid uncomfortable sinking and sagging on it.

  •   Step 4: Use pillows to get the best support on the sagging areas

If your mattress is saggy on specific spots, you can make use of the pillows to get the best support to your back and neck during the night. It is an immediate and quick solution to get rid of the saggy mattress issues.

  •   Step 5: Replace the box springs

If you have the box spring beds and obtain the sagging problem, you have to first check out the uneven condition and quickly replace your box springs for the entire mattress.